Here, you will find specific links related to the smoke rates and aggregate data available on First Nation/Indigenous communities - all material has been made public.

Health Canada

Regular measurements of the prevalence of tobacco use by the Canadian population are obtained by the Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey (CTMS) and the Youth Smoking Survey (YSS). Information on these surveys, archives and current data is available on this site.

World Health Organization

WHO’s website has very detailed information about tobacco use amongst global populations. Areas range from Adult males and females, to types of tobacco use, passive smoking, deaths and disease as well as information about Tobacco companies and price policies. A very good research resource.

World Health Organization Regional Office For Europe

WHO’s Europe region website has excellent sources of information about Tobacco use, control and abuse amongst European populations.

Canadian Cancer Society

The Canadian Cancer Society does a great job of tracking tobacco use and cessation in Canadian populations and the information can be accessed here.

The Lung Association

The Lung Association has research-based information for readers on smoking, second hand smoke, and the prevalence of diseases among smokers.

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC website gives the readers information about smoking and tobacco use (and misuse) gathered from CDC reports and data sources (surveys).

The National Cancer Institute

General statistics (use, population distribution) are provided on this site, as well as links to reports and publications.

Physical Health Unit – Direction de la Santé Publique (Montreal)

This PDF file has statistical information about smokers in the greater Montreal area, resources available and how to quit smoking.

Boing Boing

Boing is a Japanese site that promotes smoking cessation among population.

Wrong Diagnosis

Prevalence of smoking listed by Country.