Food Banks

Nutrition plays a vital role in our lives; this section provides information on food banks and nutritional programming ideas to bring to your community.

Ontario Association of Food Banks

Information about Ontario food banks, locations, how to support programming as well as details about the agency's goal of poverty reduction.

Daily Bread Food Bank

Information about food banks in your region, how to support food levels, volunteering as well as publications and reports made available to the public.

Food Banks of Canada

Information on food banks, its users, poverty levels on a National scale. Also provides information about recently released reports, statistics, positions and areas to donate.

Food Banks of Canada

The final report from the Food Banks of Canada's assessment – Hunger Count 2009 Final Report.

North York Harvest

Provides details on food bank lists online, areas to donate and start a fundraising campaign online as well as reports and publications. The site also has links to member agencies to better share resources and information.

Ontario Vegetarian Food Bank

Maintaining with the agency's mission to not leave one person hungry, this agency provides food this often overlooked population through grants/funding as well as donations of food and dollars from the general public.


FoodNet Ontario is a province-wide network of organizations and individuals working together to create sustainable local food systems and achieve (community) food security in communities across Ontario.

Our Daily Bread Ministries

Information on how to start up a food bank within your own community. Securing funds and equipment as well as a list of food banks in central North America.

Shared Harvest

Information on how to start up a community food bank/pantry within your neighbourhood.

Dieticians of Canada

Information on how a food bank is evaluated; also has program ideas and information for a healthy food bank for clients.